Caribe Royale Orlando

Caribe Royale Orlando was in dire need of a redesign. Coming from a dark black background with bright yellow logo and text, they were due for an update.

I worked alongside another senior designer at TravelClick and together we were able to give them an amalgamation of each of our designs. They liked the layout of my design, while they were keen to the social media incorporated in the other design.

Unfortunately, this was one of my last projects with TravelClick. I left in August 2016 and I was not able to see the project all the way through development. I believe the site launched in the spring of 2017. Some functionalities may be slightly different than the way they were intended due to limitations or enforcement.

Also check out their sister property Buena Vista Suites Orlando

The most challenging aspect of this project was configuring the interactive map and iconography. I most enjoyed designing the interactive image gallery.

View Prototype

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