Sears Exploratory Work

Best Unpublished Work

Sometimes you find yourself with a little bit of extra time on your hands. This page is dedicated to exploratory work that I did in my “spare time.” This work is unpublished, and will probably never see the light of day…except right here.

Page Load Concepts

Currently across the site, the page jumps around as it’s loading for whatever page you are on. For example you are using your mobile phone, and before the page has finished completely loading you begin to scroll down. You see something you want to tap on, but as you are going to tap on it, another module on the page loads and pushes what you wanted to tap on further down the page. You end up unintentionally tapping on something and could result in the user getting lost or abandoning the site. Below are some ideas of how I thought we could solve the problem.

I also worked with our research team to conduct a study to see which method perceptively loaded the fastest based on this article we read. Interestingly enough, users thought the spinner design loaded the fastest.

Mobile Prototypes

Desktop Prototypes


Consumer Reports Redesign

This was one of my first projects on PDP, and I was so sad that it never went into development because Consumer Reports and Sears decided not to continue their partnership (I assure you it had nothing to do with the new design concept). The objective was to update the look and feel of the Consumer Reports rating scale on our site to match the newly updated brand standards from CR.

View Prototoype


Bundles Concept

It’s no question that Sears needs to update the bundles experience. It has it’s own unique template, which makes it somewhat difficult to maintain in the spectrum of all the different platforms and templates. This concept pictures the bundles experience in a modified home-appliance template design.

View Prototype

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